Perfume Pod is a stylish and premium fragrance atomiser that you can bring and use daily easily for various occasions, offering the most reliable and safest refillable experience ever. Perfume Pod refills in seconds from any standard fragrance bottle using our patented Genie-S refill technology, there is no degradation or exposure to air. It comes with a supreme HD spray head, every spray covers a wider and even area. Our products are also glass-free and are aircraft approved for hand baggage, making it convenient for our customers to carry it every day or for travel.

Transform with scent anywhere

  • Refresh your charisma instantly with Perfume Pod easy-refill miniature scent pods. Slip one into your pocket or bag. Carry a selection and change your scent with your mood. Get the look and fragrance that matches your style.

Genie-S patented technology

  • Perfume Pod is a patented product in Australia: 2009329711, Canada: 2744037, China: 200720051806.9, Europe: 2791031, Hong Kong: 1105396, Japan: 5590343, Korea: 10-1445440, Mexico: 335662, Russia: 2493081, Singapore: 172798, South Africa: 2011/04899, USA: 8079388. Patent pending elsewhere. The ‘2 circles’ refill logo is registered trademarks. For further information, please visit genie-s.com

Hidden attractions

  • Simply pump to fill your fragrance to Perfume Pod, without any tools. It perfectly transfers your fragrance without spills or exposure to air.

  • Leak proof & glass free. It protects your fragrance from leaking; totally free of glass that gives you peace of mind from worry about breaking your favorite fragrance.

  • Light weight, pocket size, durable. It is made from aircraft grade aluminum and anti impact plastic, light, strong, environmental friendly and aircraft approved for carry-on baggage.

  • High definition spray head. It provides up to 75 spray per refill with luxurious mist. Perfectly fits for travel or different occasions.

Design excellence